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      About Us

      Tianhua Machine is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB) and optoelectronic products (TP, LCD, etc.) automated production.
      The supplier of the equipment. The company was founded in early 2009. The company's design and production personnel have more than 10 years of experience and technology in the industry.
      Accumulation, the company's operating policy: in good faith, quality, technology, value for the purpose of providing customers with a full range of quality services, public
      Since its establishment, the company has won recognition and praise from the industry.
          Tianhua Machine is located in Longtian, Kengzi, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen New Energy Automobile City. The factory is located in Tongfuyu Industrial Zone with convenient transportation.
      With a total area of ??more than 10,000 square meters, the company now has more than 230 technical and production personnel. The company has sophisticated and efficient CNC boring machines and CNC vehicles.
      Advanced automated production equipment such as beds. Tianhua Machine is a company that adheres to the goal of sustainable development and the concept of professional technology.
      It is a company that pursues technological innovation and insists on customer first. Since its establishment, it has reached more than 300 stable customers.
          Tianhua machine's main products are: circuit board (PCB) horizontal wet process production equipment, optoelectronic products (TP, LCD) wet process equipment, precision
      Hardware etching equipment, and peripheral automation equipment for supporting.